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Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment

China Dongguan Lixian Instrument Scientific Co.,LTD certification
China Dongguan Lixian Instrument Scientific Co.,LTD certification
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Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment

Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment
Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment

Large Image :  Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Lixian
Certification: CE, ISO 9001:2015
Model Number: HZ-1000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Standard safety export woodcase
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200sets/ month

Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment

Max Mass Of Workpiece: 1000kg Milling Diameter Range: φ1500mm
Effective Distance: 1600mm Overall Length Of Bed: 2500
Bearing Diameter Range: Φ10~Φ90 Φ90~Φ180 Balance Speed: 180-1000r/min
Universal Joint Drive Shaft Torque: 150n.m
High Light:

Multiscene Hard Bearing Balancer


Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer


Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment

Dynamatic Balance Machine- Hard Bearing Dynamic Balancing Machine Of Universal Joint Transmission Structure



The display part of this product is in the form of a 19-inch LCD screen, which not only has the characteristics of large measurement range, high efficiency, safe and simple operation, and intuitive display, etc., and occupies a leading position in the domestic balancing machine industry. Before the operation, as long as the distance between the two calibration surfaces of the workpiece to be calibrated, the distance between the calibration surface and the support point and the corrected radius data are set, the unbalance of the workpiece and the corresponding phase value can be displayed correctly under one start.


Technical Parameters

Model HZ-1000
Maximum workpiece mass kg 1000
Maximum diameter of workpiece mm 1500
Effective distance mm 1600
Overall length of bed mm 2500
Bearing diameter range mm Φ10~Φ90 Φ90~Φ180
Balance speed r/min 180-1000 (Variable frequency stepless speed regulation)
Motor power kW 5.5
Universal joint drive shaft torque n.m 150

The maximum indicating sensitivity of the electrical measuring box g.mm

Balance speed>760r/min CAS-602

Minimum reachable residual unbalance g.mm/kg ≤0.5
Unbalance Reduction Rate (URR) ≥95%


Standard scope of supply

Composition Content Description
1 measuring system CAS-602 industrial control measuring box computer cabinet Parameter input and display of measurement results for different workpieces
1 machine bed cast iron construction Used to support the left and right movement of the swing frame, including two T-slots and a drive chain
2 swing racks The steel structure composition has sufficient rigidity to support the work Contains highly sensitive sensors, standard rollers, safety protection frame
2 roller support plates It is placed on the left end of the bed for power transmission Including motor, spindle and pulley
1 head box transmission Placed above the head for transferring workpieces Self-made high precision and sufficient transmission torque
1 pay universal joint Placed on the upper end of the head box bearing seat Provide speed signal and reference position for measuring system, including reference signal sensor, signal cable
1 pair of reference signal device A ratchet wrench, keyboard, mouse Ratchet wrenches are used for workpiece transmission. Support frame working length adjustment
1 set of random accessories

Product certification

Product packing list

Instruction Manual

IPC mainboard driver

Certificate of Conformity: Indicates that the equipment is manufactured by the enterprise in accordance with the ISO2953 standard and passed the inspection before leaving the factory

Packing List: is a list of all parts and accessories of the device

Instructions for use: technical description of the mechanical and electrical equipment of the equipment, instructions for operation and use, and equipment foundation drawings and installation requirements

1 set of random data

Voltage 3-phase 380 V ±10%

Frequency 50 Hz

Supply power to the equipment, the power is 1.25 times the power of the above motor, the internal connection cable of the equipment is provided randomly, and the external cable is provided by the customer depending on the distance of the installation location.
Using power and cables silver gray The basic color tone of the factory, special requirements must be specified in the technical agreement when the subscriber


HZ-602 Industrial Control Measurement System

The measurement system is the core of the balancing machine. This system uses the latest CPU computing chip, and then performs operation to display the measurement data after signal amplification, filtering, and analog-to-digital conversion. At the same time, it also has the output of database, communication data and control signal, including the connection of printer. Human-machine dialogue interface, intuitive and simple operation, suitable for display mode in industrial production environment. After strict multi-level component screening, large-scale electrical circuit manufacturing process, coupled with high and low temperature aging tests, it can be suitable for balancing machines to perform accurate

Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment 0

measurements in different environments.

model HZ-602
technical parameter

1 Speed range 180-6000r/min

2 Display range 1mg-999KG

3 Measurement time 3S

4 Speed display 0-12000r/min

5 Power supply voltage 220v

Measurement channel

1 sensor 1

2 sensors 2

3 Reference signals

Display method 19-inch computer LCD screen display



Installation of balancing machine

1. The compressive strength of the foundation concrete is ≥16MP, the foundation uses No. 525 cement, and the secondary grouting uses No. 625 cement.

2. The installation level of the machine is ≤0.2/1000. The machine needs to be grouted twice after adjusting the level. When grouting, it should be fully padded, and the anchor bolts should be tightened after the foundation is completely dry.

3. For details, please refer to the foundation installation drawing of HW-1000 type balancing machine

Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment 1Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment 2

Computer type                                           Digital type



An unbalanced rotor generates a pressure on its supporting structure and the rotor itself during its rotation, and causes vibration. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the rotor is very necessary. The balancing machine is to check the dynamic balance of the rotor in the rotating state. The function of dynamic balance is:

● Improve the quality of the rotor and its components

● Reduce noise

● Reduce vibration

● Improve the trial life of supporting parts (bearings)

● Reduce user discomfort

● Reduce the power consumption of the product


Unbalance amount calculation

Multiscene Antirust Hard Bearing Balancer , Stable Driveshaft Balancing Equipment 3

Where mper is the allowable unbalance:

M: represents the weight of the rotor, the unit is kg

G: represents the balance accuracy grade of the rotor, the unit is mm/s

r : represents the correction radius of the rotor, the unit is mm

n: represents the speed of the rotor, the unit is rpm.


The balanced quality grades of commonly used various rigid vermilion drills

Balance quality grade Eper.ω mm/s Type of rotor
G 0.4 0.4 Spindle, grinding wheel, motor rotor and gyroscope of precision grinder
G 1 1

Tape recorder and record player, CD, DVD drive, grinding machine spindle drive and electric cabinet, small armature for special requirements


G 2.5 2.5

Gas and steam turbines, machine tool drives, special requirements of medium and large motor rotors, computer storage drums or disks, turbine compressor rotors, small armatures that do not meet one of the two conditions of G6.3, turbo-driven pumps


G 6.3 6.3

Paper machine drums, printing press drums, main turbine gears of merchant ships and marine vessels, high-speed separator drums, fans, fans, blowers, rotor parts of aviation gas turbines, flywheels, pump impellers, machine tools and general machinery, generally medium-sized And large motor rotor (shaft center height of more than 80mm) mass-produced small armatures whose installation conditions are not sensitive to vibrations. Vibration isolation devices are provided, and individual parts of the engine with special requirements. Supercharger rotors.


G 16 16

Drive shafts with special requirements (propeller shafts, universal joint drive shafts), parts of grinders, parts of agricultural machinery, individual parts of automobile engines, crankshaft drive parts of six-cylinder and multi-cylinder engines with special requirements, metallurgy, chemical industry, Parts of continuous process machinery in petroleum and other refineries, main turbine gears of ships (merchant ships), centrifugal separator drums


G 40 40

Automobile wheels, hubs, rims, wheel assemblies, drive shafts, elastically installed six-cylinder or more high-speed four-stroke (gasoline or diesel) engine crankshaft drive devices, and engine crankshaft drive devices for automobiles, trucks and locomotives.


G 100 100

Crankshaft drive device of six-cylinder or more high-speed diesel engine, complete engine (gasoline or diesel) of automobile, truck and locomotive


G 250 250

Rigidly mounted high-speed four-cylinder diesel engine crankshaft drive device


G 630 630

Rigidly installed crankshaft drive device of large four-stroke engine, elastically installed crankshaft drive device of marine diesel engine


G 1600 1600

Rigidly mounted crankshaft drive device of large two-stroke engine


G 4000 4000

Crankshaft drive device of low-speed marine diesel engine with odd number of cylinders rigidly installed



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